Rebel Converting has acquired ESS (Environmentally Sensitive Solutions) from Mequon, WI.  ESS has been producing environmentally friendly, neutral pH, cleaning products since 1993.  The addition of Matt Pliska and ESS will help Rebel with its mission to help provide superior cleaning and natural disinfecting products using environmentally sound chemistry. ESS was founded by an experienced cleaning formulation chemist with one simple goal: to replace existing hazardous cleaning products with safer, more environmentally friendly options. The theory was simple; if a cleaner works as well or better, costs the same or less, and by the way, is safer and more environmentally friendly – then that is a win for everyone! That is still the ESS philosophy today. Cleaning does not have to be hazardous. With neutral cleaning technology, hazardous cleaners are now virtually obsolete for many many cleaning applications. Along with this acquisition – Rebel is introducing Ridley! Click on the highlighted Nonwovens link to read what they had to say about about Rebel and ESS. 

Neutral Solution