customer service

Rebel has a uniquely close relationship with our customers. It’s based on the simple premise that your wipe business is our wipe business. Also, we respect your turf by never competing against you. We never sell wipes under our own brand label. Instead, we tie our fortunes to yours, period. We win when you win. When you grow, we grow. That’s a different business model from many of our competitors. And it’s why we say that in order to turn you into a loyal customer, the first order of business is to show loyalty ourselves. So, we find success in your success.


We will match our maintenance team against anybody else in this business. If you asked equipment manufacturers about that, it’s what they’d tell you. Maintaining and tuning our facilities and machinery is a compulsion around here. It’s part of our commitment to intrinsic, organic quality. Our motto is to fix it before it breaks. Proactive is a way of life at Rebel, not a slogan. Almost literally, most of the people on our maintenance crew were born with wrenches in their hands. Pay us a visit to see with your own eyes!


Want to drive a forklift at Rebel? Being good isn’t enough. We ask for great, and we get it. These guys can pick a dime if it’s dropped on the floor. And that isn’t the only way they stand out as special. They are professionals, always verifying inventories, keeping our FIFO on track, and double checking paperwork. They do all that with the commitment to ensure your product arrives safe and sound. In the same way we’re constantly tuning and upgrading the converting lines, we’re constantly adding efficiencies to warehouse operations.

quality control

Yes we have a superb lab, serving many different market segments including OTC drug products, cosmetics, medical devices, and surface disinfectants (EPA). We use validated testing equipment to analyze anything from a simple pH test to sodium hypochlorite concentration. But, our lab facilities merely represent the headwaters of quality. An obsession with quality flows outward to the entire org.  Anybody on the floor can explain our quality program. Anybody who touches QI processes belongs to the American Society For Quality. We bake quality into our organizational culture.


Another way this company is different is that we don’t have an aggressive, dedicated sales force. Usually customers find us. Historically it has been through good word-of-mouth. You’ll be dealing directly with the owner, Mike Kryshak. We’re a large business but personalized like a friendly small one. There’s no red tape. (What is that anyway?) Sales here is mostly about service – making sure we position you to be successful, and always meeting your exact specs. Just as our quality effort includes every employee, our sales team is a company-wide group. You are on the sales team if you are a Rebel.

customer focus

Small order or giant order, we want your business. And, our operations team will meet or exceed your converting timeline, no matter how tight. We scale on demand. One key to that is effective supply chain management. Second, you need efficiency across all processes. Finally, you need top-end capacity. There’s where we’ve invested big. Rebel Converting has the capability to convert more than 1 billion square yards of substrate per year, maintaining highest quality at highly competitive price points. Meanwhile our perfection of FIFO job management keeps everybody happy. Call or e-mail to learn more.