The Story Of Rebel Wipes


Editor's Note 

In Saukville and its friendly environs, perched on the far northern edge of metro Milwaukee, there lives one of the most eccentric and endearing charity ventures ever founded. It is a benevolent sister company to Rebel Converting LLC, and it's called Rebel Wipes. Rebel Wipes is known for its exuberant visual branding, splashed all over its products, vehicles and even the company building. For years it has had a big presence at local fairs, bike rallies and other family-oriented public events. The eagle graphic, so indelibly associated with the company, is an homage to Michael "Eddie" eddieEdwards, plasterer by trade and part-time amateur ski jumping enthusiast. In 1988 Edwards was the only ski jumper competing internationally (if unsuccessfully and only sporadically) at that time in all of Great Britain. This exceptionally undistinguished resume became the means by which he finagled a spot on the team representing the United Kingdom at the Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada. The loophole promptly got closed thg following year by those party poopers at the International Olympics Committee, so that no one – especially Edwards – could ever replicate his cheeky stunt. But during that brief shining moment on the world stage, contending gamely yet alas in vain against the preternatural ski flying demigods of the Nordic lands, conjuring exsistential triumph out of abject failure, he endeared himself to millions as possibly the most cheerful, indomitable and enthusiastic loser who ever lived. An incarnation of the word "rebel." For the entire story of how Rebel Wipes came to be, we shall let the owner, Mike Kryshak, relate the tale in his own words.


mike 300In third grade I moved from Chicago to Milwaukee. One of the kids on our block wanted the box that our new refrigerator came in. The next day we wound up strapping it to a wagon and trying to get it to fly. Never got off the ground more than three feet, even with ramp launching. Anyway soon afterwards (after the first rain ruined our winged refrigerator box) my new best friend and I started the Hawk Brothers. We souped up our stingray bikes, added parachutes with our moms' sheets under the seats for quick stops, and decided to go around fighting crime and helping people. It might have worked but there were some sixth graders who didn’t see things the same way we did. Some 50 years later, my worries about the sixth graders are long over. But I am worried that we might not have helped out as many people as we should have. Hence Rebel Wipes. We do not ask for donations. We ask you to buy our great grease-soaking, grime-kicking wipes at a great price and see where your money goes. Hopefully you’ll join us and remember just like I did that dreaming about doing good just isn’t the same as doing it.

Definition of a Rebel

“A rebel is a person who stands up for their own personal opinions despite what anyone else says. A true rebel stands up for what they believe is right. It’s all about being an individual and refusing to follow a crowd that forces you to think the same way they do even if it means becoming an outcast to society. True rebels know who they are and do not compromise their individuality or personal opinion for anyone. They’re straightforward and honest and they will sure as hell tell it like it is.”

Our Charter

Why do we call ourselves Rebels? Because we don’t have time to conform. In the beginning we looked to form a nonprofit (as a 503c) in order to help others in a small way around the surrounding communities. Our aim was to start small and work our way up to helping on a national or even global scale. So after spending a few grand in legal fees and learning about the huge amount of restrictions for a nonprofit, we said forget it. And we did it ourselves. From our perspective, there are many good groups – nonprofits and local charities – that help tremendously. Then there are the bad eggs – the immoral people who prey on good natures and our willingness to help out humanity, a wounded veteran, a burned firefighter. These people tap into our human emotion for their profit.

We wanted to give back. One hundred percent. All in. The goal of Rebel Wipes is to give money, services, equipment, and to help other groups without asking for permission. It’s our money, it’s your money, and we have the right to give it where it’s needed. Whether it’s helping the local schools with free lunches, donating helmets to bikers who don’t have them, supporting the local fire department, or gifting $500 to a local family with a child diagnosed with cancer, we will be there to give.

Why NO Donations?

Because this is a better way and a greener way. In the wipes manufacturing business, we generate a lot of waste. Well not waste as in toxic or something like that. It's scraps and leftovers and things we can't use for our industrial products. We turn that into a commercial product. We sell it as Rebel Wipes. And we give away every dime that we make. Rebel Wipes are made of the “stuff left over,” that our industry customers don't want, sometimes overruns at the mill etc. This is why, from bath to batch, your wipes might be green, white, blue, orange, red etc… the lids might be any color… See, the less we pay for it the more we can give away!!! We ask you to join us. Become a Rebel!

-Mike Kryshak