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At Rebel, we convert giant rolls of advanced nonwoven fabrics into small rolls that fit inside standard sanitary wipe canisters. While the product - cleaning wipes- is familiar, our name isn't. That's because we source major industrial brands and don't sell our product to the consumer market under our own brand label. To do so would be a conflict of interest, the way we see it. We also believe in saving our customers money, even when it takes money out of our own pockets in the short term. From the start, we have believed passionately in giving back to our communities. And we believe equally as passionately in our great, experienced employees. Get to know us. We are the rebels with a cause.

It's gotten to be a cliche for companies to say they "partner" with their customers. We're still around because we've been saying it for a long time, and we always meant it. We make deals with customers that some people might think crazy. That's another "rebel" thing. We understand that our long-term survival is predicated on our customers' long-term prosperity. Besides a good business philosophy, to make it in this business you need really good people. And that's what we really pride ourselves on. Our operators have far more experience than you'll find at typical independent converters. We give them a great work environment. They like it here. So will you.

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We are moving to a new plant and doubling capacity. 

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